Hello, I'm

Nathan Van Zandt

I am a student studying health science and computer science at Boston University. I have a passion for software development and actively seek new ways to apply and expand my skills. Apart from coding, I enjoy going to the gym, reading, and listening to podcasts.



A web application that utilizes the OpenAI API and Spotify API in order to enhance the reading experience. Users enter a book title and ChatGPT generates a playlist inspired by the book's synopsis, genre, mood, setting, language, and themes. The playlist is then added to the user's Spotify account.

Flask   React   SQL


BostonHacks2023 project entered under "Inclusive Innovation" track. A web application that allows users to view and create gym reviews based on diversity (gender, age, LGBTQ+), dedication (how dedicated people are), and sense of community (how friendly and supportive people are).

Node.js   Express.js   React   MongoDB


Programming Languages

JavaScript/TypeScript   Python   Java

Front-End Development

React   HTML   CSS   Tailwind CSS

Back-End Development

Node.js   Express.js   Flask   MySQL   MongoDB   Django